Whatever is great and good in our own age is due to this,
that noble and wholly disciplined persons in the past
have for the sake of ideas made sacrifice of all the of life


That best portion of a good man's life,
his little, nameless, unremembered acts
of kindness and of love

Even if it should happen that, owing to special disfavour of fortune, or the niggardly provision of a step-motherly nature, this will should wholly lack power to accomplish its purpose, if with its greatest efforts it should yet achieve nothing, and there should remain only the good will (not, to be sure, a mere wish, but the summoning of all means in our power ), then, like a jewel, it would still shine by its own light, as a thing which has its whole value in itself

True virtue can be grafted but upon principles, and the more general they are, the nobler and more sublime they become. These principles are not speculative rules, but the consciousness of a feeling, which dwells in every human breast and extends itself much farther than to the particular grounds of compassion and of complaisance.

I belive to comprehend everything, when I say, it is the feeling of the beauty and of the dignity of human nature


The shooting lights of thy wild eyes

Responsive slides, audio in 20+ languages, interactive explorers, an integrated code editor, keyword tooltips, Q&A tests, interactive sandboxes, folly apps, storymaps, timelines + animated charts & maps to foster engagement regardless of your style of learning

The labyrinth of another's being

Courses ranging from kindergarden stories and highschool mathematics to professional charters and information technology certification, to make sure that you have the best chance of moving ahead with your life in an ever more competitive world

Sun myself in Heaven's pure light

Relying on that 'simile in the multis' Plato talked about in Meno and mentioned by Kant & by Hutcheson , it aims to build a mosiac of knowledge that can withstand pressures from the 'AI Revolution' against a middle class life

The day's vanity, the night's remorse

Practical focus on specific exams and capacity-building with constant testing & practice to translate your study into clear monetary benefits and career leaps forward that allow you to have both an income and a family

Their petals, strewing the grass

It's about the positive liberty to overcome the previous generations' negative liberty. To rise from generation free, where a you or a me can still struggle to build a life for ourselves in the aftermath of this new Jazz Age's tribal dance of wanton destruction of liberalism & equality and the previous generations' Satanic talk of happiness and self. To become something worthy of life, worthy of love and, not least, finding something in this life that makes it worthwhile to have been born. The past 6000 years of Western civilization taught us that history hath just one page, sure, but, for the insignificant little that it's worth, write your name there. Really. Bite, shove, elbow your way into life

And let us finally admit that whatever we build in the West will soon get destroyed again, sacrifice only for some future Gibbon to find himself among the rubble. So if you suffer from that Hamletian curse of Reason, help build an Asian Tianxia so that we can finally put an end to the Gilgamesh Cycle and ensure future generations aren't denied life again just because the previous decided to throw a Jazz Age party and leave nothing but a mess and the bill. In just 100 years it might become economically feasible to use AI, genetic engineering, neuroengineering and other methods to forever stop civilization's discontents' cycles of destruction but in the short term it depends on a you or a me to prepare the stage. With the End of Power's democratization, that's actually doable if you're willing to sacrifice a few decades of your life at it. But it's worth it! Imagine that: a society where children aren't robbed of childhood, where women aren't trafficked to be displayed in windows and then bought and sold like meat in an abbttoir, where people can have careers and buy homes and have families. Wallowing in their sloth and drained cynicism, the insufferable generation of Epicureans will cast a sarcastic levity of tongue on anyone dreaming of such things and disagreeing with the eudamonic lies they tell themselves. But we don't need to convince anyone anymore: you can build yourself into a mechanism of this. It means sacrificing everything but, if not that, what else is there?

Or, if not inclined to such things, don't worry about it. Let me help you salvage what you can of life and have the things the rest of us can't. It's selfish, sure, but after a lifetime of morality one looks back and has to admit that it was all pointless suffering, Li Bing can't build anything by himself and it's just pointless Sisyphean struggle. At some point you realize that you've read all the philosophy books, went through every RAND report, a pile of policy books and lived a painful, miserable moral life. And yet it all falls at the simplest point: nobody gives a damn - you're just an idiot feeding birds in the park to avoid the pictureless cupboard that is your life. You've utterly and completely wasted your life. So go ahead, be selfish, live your life.

Become able to have a career, become able to own a home, become able to have a family and build your own bed of crimson joy. Get to put that fuzzy animal on a new desk, get to exchange glances across crowded rooms, and see that simplest smile at pretenses uncovered yet endearing, and feel apartments made embracingly palatial in a night softly dark and darkly pure, see in an inconsequential gesture how she makes days be bound each to each by natural piety, and hear small feet running across wooden floors in the knowledge that you can offer someone a childhood, and smile reminiscing smiles over homework knowing you'll one day talk about the starry heavens above and the moral laws within - life's gold in the awkward fire two strangers put together in a sea of heartlessness, that which allows two of all man’s clotted clay the dingiest clots in Heraclitus' river to look at each other and say

If you should be where I no more can hear
Thy voice, nor catch from thy wild eyes these gleams
Of past existence—wilt thou then forget
That on the banks of this delightful stream
We stood together


Plato School | AP Course

AP Board

High-school exam for university entrance

Plato School | AP Course

AP Board

High-school exam for university entrance

Plato School | AP Course

AP Board

High-school exam for university entrance

Plato School | AP Course

AP Board

High-school exam for university entrance

Plato School | AP Course
United States Government & Politics

AP Board

High-school exam for university entrance

Kant College | Graduate Degree

Kant College | London School of Economics | University of London

Long-distance modular degree offered internationally

Kant College | Professional Qualification
Financial Risk Manager

GARP | Global Association of Risk Professionals

Professional qualification in finance

Kant College | Professional Qualification
Chartered Financial Analyst

CFA Society

Professional qualification in finance

Kant College | Certification
SAS Base Programmer

SAS | SAS Base Programmer

Introductory IT Certification for SAS

Kant College | Certification
Programming with JS, HTML5 & CSS3

Microsoft | 70-480

Introductory Web certification

Kant College | Certification
Java Associate Programmer

Oracle | Java SE Associate Programmer

Introductory Java SE certification

Kant College | Certification
Programming in C# Specialist

Microsoft | 70-483

Introductory C# certification

Kant College | Certification
CCNA | Routing & Switching

Cisco | CCNA Routing & CompTIA | Network+ & Microsoft | MTA Networking

Introductory Networking certification

Kant College | Certification

CompTIA | Linux+

Introductory Linux certification

Kant College | Certification

CompTIA | Security+ & Microsoft | MTA - Security

Introductory Security certification

Kant College | Certification
Certified Ethical Hacker

EC-Council | CEH + CompTIA | CASP

Introductory Security certification

Chateaubriand Kindergarden
Shakespeare @ Timon of Athens

Children's Story

Story for children about Timon of Athens

Chateaubriand Kindergarden
Plato's The Good

Children's Philosophy

Philosophy for children about Plato's The Good

Chateaubriand Kindergarden
The Atom!

Children's Science

Science for children about the atom

Chateaubriand Kindergarden

Children's Maths

Maths for children about numeracy

Chateaubriand Kindergarden
Let's make a function!

Children's Programming

Programming for children about functions

Chateaubriand Kindergarden
Interactive Atlas!

Children's Geography

Geography for children

Chateaubriand Kindergarden
Common Objects!

Children's Languages

Languages for children about common objects

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General overview of the impact of AI on STEEPLED systems

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The Idea of A Moral Girl
Izanami | Norwegian Wood

Extras | Science of Knowledge | Film scenes into 100 poems & philosophy quotes

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The Persian Letters
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I regret nothing!

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What is the nature of morality in 'cyberspace' ?

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Why American foreign policy should rediscover restraint

CFA Level 1 Sandbox

Angular-Material | AngularJS | HighchartsJS | YQL

Play with CFA level 1 equations, auto equity report maker, Greeks play etc

Save Yourself, Kill Them All

Angular-Material | AngularJS | CryptoJS

Multi-layered encryption & Markov Chain text-stenography

Check Crime | UK

Angular-Material | AngularJS | | HighchartsJS | Google Maps API | UK Police API

Check crimes in your area on a map + statistics

Check Rent | UK

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Check rent ads in your area on a map & contact agents

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Khan Academy Playlist Builder

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CFA 1 Exam Simulation

Bootstrap | KnockoutJS

Exam game for CFA like in Slumdog Millionare

FRM 1 Exam Simulation

Bootstrap | KnockoutJS

Exam game for FRM like in Slumdog Millionare


What do we earn for all our gentle grace?
A body stiff and cold from foot to face.
What do we get for all our song and prattle?
A gasp for longer breath, and then a rattle.
What do we get for our dreams and high teachings?
The worms' contempt, that have no time for preaching


Heav'n from all creatures hides the book of fate,
All but the page prescrib'd, their present state:
From brutes what men, from men what spirits know:
Or who could suffer being here below?


There are millions of Asian kids that need your help

These kids can lead good, virtous lives that are worth saving

Pay it forward to save 70 years of a good life

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No bars of Hell, nor all the chains

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